Hello Lovely People, 

You got it. You figured out our little techie holiday riddle to get here to spot of holiday wishes and love to you. Hope you enjoyed the junket of figuring it out.

Merry Happy Stuff to you. Rocking wishes for a wonderful 2012. Let's hope the Mayan prognostications were poorly translated. 

This has been a most amazing year chock full of firsts and goodness. In no particular order:

We got married. um and yeah, we're gay. Our state is the 6th to publicly affirm the right of people like us to receive the sanction of the state in love. That means 44 states don't. 12 states have actively prohibitive legislation against gay marriage. Oddly those states have no higher rate of single people. So it's not that those are swinger states still trying to promote free love. 

So much goodness. After our 

Michael went to his first Giants game. Thanks to Uncle Eric. 

I got the best anniversary gift ever. The lovely Betty Buckley closed her show at Feinstein's the night of our attendance with my favorite song Corner of the Sky from Pippin, at Michael's sneaky and prior request. WOW. 

Both of the best siblings ever now call Gotham home. Congrats to Lil on her Bac and moving along to her MPH. None will be surprised that she also got a great job in medical research at Bellevue hospital in the least likely economy. Spencer started the best job of his life here at Turning Point Acupuncture. Word around the office is he might be promoted soon. He's also learning firsthand the tyranny of the study of law and the injustice of transportation for large black dogs in Manhattan.