Turning Point Acupuncture - Winter Newsletter
Volume 9, Number 1

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

It seems as if Mother nature has been a bit temperamental (pun intended) of late. We've seen everything from snowstorms to tornadoes of freezing rain. Such sharp variations in weather can also take an emotional toll, and we're not just talking about trying to decide which jacket to wear when you go outside. Let us know if you have any questions or would like additional information on how to embrace the seasons, keep your spirits up and qi balanced as we move forward. Winter is a challenging, yet special time, especially in the Northeast. It is an ideal time to reflect, rejoice and recommit in our dedication to self-care.

In this issue:
1. Cancer and Cancer Treatment: Western and Eastern Approaches
2. Complimentary Treatment Focus: Medical Qigong
3. Practice Updates

1. Cancer and Cancer Treatment
Over one and a half million people in the U.S. are diagnosed each year with some form of cancer.  Western and Eastern understandings of cancer overlap in certain regards, and practitioners of both treatments often work together to the patient's benefit.

Western Perspective

Cancer is defined by Western science as the abnormal growth. A group of cells gone rogue. It can be the result of a mutation in the genetic material (DNA). There are more than 100 types of cancer, and most are named for the organ or type of cell in which they begin. Western medicine has identified five broad categories of cancer: 1. Carcinoma, 2. Sarcoma, 3. Leukemia, 4. Lymphoma and Myeloma, and 5. Central Nervous System cancers. The most common risk factors for developing some type of cancer are advanced age, use of tobacco, excessive exposure to sunlight, abuse of alcohol, having a family history of cancer and exposure to hazardous chemicals. For every type of cancer there can be multiple potential causes and a myriad of treatment options. The most common treatment for cancer involves surgery to excise the growth, chemotherapy, radiation and a macrobiotic diet.

Eastern Perspective
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views cancers as a stasis, or extreme slowing and stoppage of the flow of substances in the body. These substances include qi, blood and phlegm and stasis of any of them can lead to the growth of tumors. Emotional stress, unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, environmental chemicals and those ingested are all key factors in the development of substance stasis in the different meridians and organ systems. Treatment for cancer in TCM commonly includes aggressive schedules of acupuncture and a regimen of individually prescribed Chinese herbs.

Summary and Strategy

When cancer is diagnosed, either by Western medical practice or TCM, it is important to take immediate, pro-active steps. In recent years, Western medicine has begun to embrace the benefits of TCM, particularly in helping to ease the side-effects of treatment. Acupuncture is widely recommended alongside chemotherapy in New York City's Mt. Sinai hospital, as it can lessen certain side-effects. TCM is proven to reduce nausea and fatigue, helping to maintain constitutional strength that it vital for the body to make the best use of the Western medicine treatment. After the initial diagnosis and treatment, regular check-ups and visits to a TCM practitioner can help monitor the cancer's remission. Alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle, these appointments can be important tools in cancer prevention.

2. Complimentary Treatment Focus: Medical Qigong
This is the second in a series giving you the low-down on complimentary and alternative treatments available at Turning Point.

What Is It? Medical Qigong is also referred to as "Chinese Energetic Medicine." Patient-centered treatment sessions focus on assisting with the clear flow of qi  through a number of techniques including relaxation imagery, talk therapy and light touch by the practitioner on target qi points.

Who Does It? Turning Point welcomes Yuxia Chiu as our new associate and Medical Qigong expert.

Why Should I Do It? Medical Qigong is another way to help find balance within and harmonize with your environment. This is a very gentle and patient-centered treatment, so it is ideal for those who wish to facilitate their own health and prevent illness.

How Much Does It Cost? Medical Qigong sessions are $120, when combined with an acupuncture session they are $160.

3. Practice Updates

Eriko Suzuki is leaving us on 1/31/11. She is moving back to Caliornia for nursing training. We are happy to have enjoyed the benefit of her skills and wish her all the best.

A warm welcome to our new medical Qigong practitioner, Yuxia Chiu!

Please check out our newly re-designed website! [www.turningpointacupuncture.com]
We think it's pretty darn awesome and will be updating the content on a regular basis. Feel free to post a testimonial if you would like to share your Turning Point story with a prospective patient.

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the Location Survey. After much careful thought and consideration, Turning Point will be staying in our current offices. We plan to undertake some improvements of the space in the near future and look forward to making it an even more welcoming and harmonious space.

For the first time in many years, we find it is necessary to raise our rates. Our office acupuncture rate is now $100 per treatment. New Patient visit is $200. Thanks for your continued support. 

We offer gift certificates for acupuncture, Reiki and massage - all wonderful ways to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call (212. 489. 5038) or visit our offices (1841 Broadway) to share a gift of healing.

We look forward to supporting you toward your fullest enjoyment of optimal emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Be well,
E. Shane Hoffman, DAOM, LAC
Karen Ortiz, LAC
Paul Rizza, ND
Lourdes Guzman, Reiki Master
Gilles Obermeyer, LMT
Hector Mendez
Kim Chinh
Shayne Leslie Figueroa

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