Ongoing Events

Saturday Auricular Therapy - Seeds of Change

11:30am  - 12:30pm

Come on in to balance your qi for a wonderful start of the week. Auricular therapy is a system of acupuncture that works to balance the energies of the body to proffer comfort, wellness and release from the trappings of stress.

Here’s how it works: After checking in, you are shown to a comfy chair and served a delicious herbal balancing cup of tea to assist with the relaxation process. A Turning Point therapist will come and assess you and design the correct balancing treatment for your particular situation. Based on the assessment, the therapist will then place needles in one of your ears. In the opposite ear, the therapist will secure special seeds on acupuncture points to provide a continuing therapeutic benefit into the days ahead.

This therapy provides a strong calming effect and allows people to feel relaxed yet alert. The results are almost immediate; people often leave feeling more focused and confident.

$40 (please pay cash if possible, our credit card machine is noisy)
12-16 People simultaneous capacity

Past Events

Optimal Fertility with Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine - A Free Introductory Workshop

Learn how ancient Chinese wisdom can teach us to be strong and healthful in diet, lifestyle and being in preparation and maintenance of conception and pregnancy.